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Having a newborn baby is one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences of life. But capturing those precious moments with photos can be difficult, especially if you don't have the means to hire a professional photographer. Fortunately, it's entirely possible to create beautiful newborn photoshoots at home, with the right DIY newborn photoshoot ideas. In this article, we'll provide a comprehensive guide to help you get the most out of your DIY newborn photoshoot, from finding the right props and backdrops to developing creative poses. DIY newborn photoshoots can be a great way to capture lasting memories of those precious first days.

There are several different setup options that you can use to get creative and capture beautiful photos of your newborn. The backdrop is one of the most important aspects of a newborn photoshoot. A plain backdrop can be used to create a simple, timeless look, while a natural outdoor setting can help to create an idyllic and whimsical atmosphere. You can also capture in-home lifestyle photos, which may involve more props and accessories, such as stuffed animals or furniture pieces.

Lighting is also key when it comes to newborn photography. Natural lighting is ideal for creating a soft, glowing effect, while studio lighting can help you create dramatic shots with bold shadows and highlights. When using natural lighting, it’s important to take note of the time of day and the position of the sun. Props are another way to add interest to your newborn photos.

Blankets, swaddles, hats, headbands, and toys are all great options for adding a unique touch to your photos. Each prop should be carefully chosen and positioned for the most effective shots. When choosing props for your shoot, make sure to consider the overall theme and atmosphere you’re trying to create. There are also different poses and angles that you can try for newborn photos.

You can capture close-up shots of your baby’s face or hands, or get creative with different angles and perspectives. If you’re shooting outdoors, you can use the landscape to create interesting backdrops and frames for your photos. Don’t forget to capture those tender moments between parents and their new baby! You can use props such as stuffed animals to help create these special moments. Timing is also important when it comes to newborn photography - choose a time of day that best suits the type of shoot you’re doing, such as early morning or late afternoon for outdoor shoots. If you’re planning on hiring a professional photographer for your newborn photoshoot, make sure to research their portfolio and reviews before making a decision.

Alternatively, if you decide to go with a friend or family member, make sure they are comfortable and experienced in taking newborn photos. Finally, be sure to prepare well for your photoshoot by having all of the props and accessories ready ahead of time and making sure that the baby is well-fed before the shoot begins. With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to capture beautiful memories of your newborn that will last a lifetime.

Preparing for a Photoshoot

Preparing for a newborn photoshoot can be a daunting task, but with a few tips and tricks, you can make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible. Before the shoot, make sure you have all the necessary props and blankets ready.

Baby clothing, hats, headbands, and wraps are all great accessories to consider. It’s also important to ensure that the baby is well-fed before the shoot so that he or she is in a good mood and not fussy during the shoot. Finally, make sure to have plenty of time available for the shoot so that you don’t feel rushed.


When it comes to newborn photoshoots, props are essential for achieving the perfect look. Some of the most popular props include blankets, swaddles, hats, headbands, and toys.

Blankets provide a cozy backdrop and can also help highlight the small features of your newborn. Swaddles are perfect for wrapping your baby tightly in fabric and creating a snug environment. Hats and headbands can add an extra pop of color to the photoshoot, while toys can be used to capture your baby’s attention and get a few smiles.

Examples of each prop

should be chosen carefully to ensure that the colors complement each other and that they are age-appropriate for your newborn.

Choosing a Photographer

When it comes to capturing special moments like newborn photos, it’s important to choose the right photographer. There are several factors to consider when deciding whether to go with a professional photographer or a friend or family member. For starters, a professional photographer brings with them a wealth of experience and knowledge. They understand the nuances of lighting, angles, and composition that will help create the perfect portrait.

Professional photographers also have access to the latest equipment and tools, which can help ensure that your newborn photos look their best. On the other hand, a friend or family member may be able to capture those special moments more naturally. If you choose to go this route, it’s important to make sure that your chosen photographer is comfortable working with newborns and has enough experience with photography. You should also discuss the specifics of the photo shoot ahead of time, such as the location, props, and any other special requests. No matter who you choose, it’s important to communicate your expectations and preferences clearly so that you can get the best possible results.

With the right photographer, your DIY newborn photoshoot can be a success!

Photoshoot Setups

DIY newborn photoshoots are a great way to capture lasting memories of those precious first days. There are several different photoshoot setups that can be used to create beautiful images. These include a plain backdrop, a natural outdoor setting, or an in-home lifestyle shoot. A plain backdrop is a great starting point for capturing those special moments. You can easily set up a backdrop in your home or studio using fabric, paper, or even a wall.

If you have a few props like balloons, stuffed animals, or blankets, you can add them to the scene to help create a more interesting composition. When using a plain backdrop, be sure to adjust the lighting to ensure the best possible image. Natural outdoor settings are also ideal for newborn photoshoots. You can take advantage of natural light and create beautiful, natural images. You can also use props like leaves or flowers to create a unique and creative look.

Just remember to be mindful of the weather and choose a location that is safe for your baby. In-home lifestyle photos are becoming increasingly popular. This type of setup allows you to capture the special connection between parents and their newborn. You can use furniture, toys, and other props to create a cozy environment that captures the emotion of the moment. Be sure to adjust the lighting and composition so you get the best possible results. No matter which setup you choose, it’s important to experiment and have fun with it! Don’t be afraid to try new things and find what works best for you and your baby.

With a little creativity, you can create beautiful, lasting memories of your newborn’s first days.

Poses & Angles

When it comes to capturing newborn photos, poses and angles are key. A newborn's small size and delicate nature require careful consideration when planning the shoot. Many parents choose to take these photos at home, where the baby is comfortable and familiar. The most common newborn pose is one that captures the baby's pure innocence. The baby is usually lying on their back in a natural position, with their legs slightly bent and their arms tucked close to their body.

This pose is great for capturing natural-looking shots of the baby's face and can also be used to capture beautiful images of the baby's hands and feet. Another common pose for newborn photos is the side-view pose. This pose can be used to get a creative, side-view of the baby's face as well as to capture beautiful shots of the baby's body. This can be achieved by placing the baby on their side, with their arms and legs bent slightly. In addition to poses, angles are also important when taking newborn photos. When taking photos from above, be sure to angle the camera slightly downward so that you can capture the baby's facial features.

When taking photos from the side, try angling the camera slightly upward so that you can capture a beautiful profile of the baby. When taking close-up shots of the baby, make sure to angle the camera slightly downward and away from the baby's face so that you can capture all of the small details without disturbing them. Finally, when taking full-body shots of the baby, angle the camera slightly upward from a distance so that you can capture both their face and body. By using these poses and angles when taking newborn photos, you will be able to capture beautiful, timeless images that you will cherish for years to come.


Timing is an essential factor to consider when planning a DIY newborn photoshoot. Newborns are notoriously unpredictable, and scheduling the shoot for the right time of day can make a big difference in the quality of the photos. Generally, you'll want to select a time when your baby is content and well-rested.

This could be just after waking from a nap, or even in the late afternoon for some beautiful golden hour shots. Lighting is also key to achieving great newborn photos. Natural light is usually the best option, and it's important to consider the direction of the light as well as the intensity. If you're indoors, try to find a room with lots of natural light, such as near a window or skylight. If you're taking outdoor shots, avoid taking them in direct sunlight.

The best time of day for outdoor shots is during the golden hour, which is right after sunrise or before sunset. Finally, it's important to remember that newborns are sensitive to temperature changes, so make sure you plan accordingly. If you're shooting outdoors, make sure it's not too hot or cold for your baby. You may also want to consider bringing along extra layers of clothing or a blanket to make sure your little one stays warm and comfortable throughout the shoot. Newborn photography can be an incredibly rewarding experience. With some planning and preparation, you can capture beautiful memories that will last a lifetime.

Following the tips and tricks outlined in this article will help ensure that your DIY newborn photoshoot is successful. Ensure that you have the right setup, props, poses, and angles, plan the timing of the shoot, choose a photographer, and prepare for your photoshoot. Doing so will ensure that you get stunning results from your DIY newborn photoshoot.

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